photo 3The choice of building material is very important when construction. Although several options are available, none can match the qualities of wood. Houses, pergolas, decks, patios, and walkways have traditionally been built from wood. Timber from yellow pine, cypress, and cedar are the best choice for pergolas. Building a pergola from wood is preferable for the following reasons:


A wood pergola is unmatched when it comes to aesthetics. The natural variation in wood creates beautiful effects on wood pergolas. The grain, knotting, and natural shades of wood present an almost unlimited choice of finish. This is unlike metal (for instance), which has a plain and less aesthetic look. Wood also blends naturally with plants and gardens. Creepers, vines, and other plants on your pergola will look more natural than on metal pergolas.


Pergolas need to remain cool in the daytime heat. Wood is a poor conductor of heat due to the air pockets within it. This makes it ideal for insulating the summer heat and keeping the wood pergola cool at all times. Metals transmit heat from the sun, making them less comfortable for outdoor use. Wood is also remains cool to the touch in hot weather, compared to metal.


Wood is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable. The supply from well-conserved forests is almost unlimited, making it the only renewable building material. Yellow pine and cypress, for example, are readily available and come at a low cost. Metals used in making pergolas require a lot of energy to mine and process. This gives them a larger carbon footprint than wood.


Wood can be preheated and treated to make it resistant to pests, warping, and rot. This increases its durability even though wood is already naturally very strong.


A wood pergola can be easily crafted to suit any look you want. This makes it easy to match your pergola with the architecture of the home and and other structures on your property. You can worth with a builder to select the type of wood that perfectly matches the color of your home and landscaping. Wood can also be easily customized on site, to suit any design or finish. A wood pergola can be painted, stained, or left to weather naturally. Cedar for example, is easily stained or painted for a smooth or rustic finish. Yellow pine is suited for a smooth finish, while cypress is more preferable for a rough and rustic look.

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