30256509_123rfsWe live in a world and age where everybody wants to have a perfect-looking garden that stands out in the neighborhood. This is where wood pergolas come in, enabling homeowners to transform their gardens into secret havens. A wooden pergola can provide shelter, shade, and  a place of solitude, while also improving your property value and curb appeal. This beautiful, natural-looking structure is also amazing at greening up your garden or patio area.

However, when it comes to sprucing up your pergola, it is paramount to know which pergola plants are most suitable. You see, living, breathing plants can beautify your wooden pergola, enhancing the shade and privacy, while also adding color, freshness, and romantic fragrances.

Vines for Patio Covers

Growing vines on top of your pergola improve shade and cool off the patio area, especially during the hottest summer months. Some other benefits of growing vines on your patio cover include enjoying nature’s beauty, having more fresh aromas to take in, and adding color to further enhance the aesthetics of your property. Moreover, vines can easily attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The drawbacks of vines are that they are messy and require a lot of trimming and sweeping.

In the case where you would like to give vines a try, here are some types that would grow nicely on a pergola:

  • Passion Flower: looks amazing and may produce the “passion fruit”
  • Bower Vine: very clean and nice looking
  • Royal Trumpet Vine: a unique red throat that adds variety and color
  • Chinese Jasmine: easy to maintain and very fragrant
  • White Potato Vine: snowy-white flowers that look fantastic all year round
  • Climbing Roses: a multitude of colors, fragrances, and sizes

Climbers for Your Pergola

Climbers are perfect for forming a unique link between your house and garden. Not only that, climbers give color and exotic fragrances, while they also provide shadow and privacy for seating areas. Growing a number of climbers at the same time guarantees year-round interest. Here are some climbers you should choose for your wood pergola.

Annual Climbers:

  • Sweet Pea: scented flowers in a wide range of colors
  • Chilean Glory Flower: spikes of orange flowers
  • Black-eyed Susan: black-centered orange flowers and heart-shaped leaves
  • Purple Bell: amazing tubular purple flowers

Fast-growing Climbers:

  • Boston Ivy: brilliant crimson color, suitable only in fall
  • Rubens: late spring, masses of gorgeous white flowers
  • Glasnevin: evergreen in mild areas, boasting purple star-shaped flowers
  • Passionflower: from summer to autumn, beautiful orange fruits

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