21108822_sBuilders deliver different standards and styles of pergolas at varying costs. Selecting the right pergola builder ensures you work with the best team. Only then can you have a pergola that perfectly complements your home’s architecture, and satisfies your requirements. Additionally, a good pergola builder will stay on budget, without cutting corners or delivering substandard work.

Be prepared

An idea of the design of the pergola should be determined before selecting a builder, but it is not completely necessary. This can be done by comparing various designs in catalogs or online. The pergola should fit your every need as much as possible. This may be outdoor dining, cooking, entertainment, or relaxation. Your ideal design should also be within your budget range. This will prevent you from unknowingly accepting high estimates from aggressive builders. It will also make it easy for your builder to suggest affordable options for materials. Knowing what you want also makes it easy to communicate ideas to the builder.

Check references

This is important when hiring any type of professional. Check their history by asking for references and testimonials from previous clients. Avoid builders with a history of complaints, legal disputes, or suspended licenses. You should be able to see their previous work, as proof of their expertise and experience. Builders unwilling to offer references should never be hired.

Avoid unrealistic quotes

Get quotes from good builders and narrow these to the ones you are impressed with. However, avoid estimates that appear too low when compared to fair market value. Quotes that are too good to be true are usually used to lure unsuspecting clients. The pergola builder will then invent extra costs as work progresses, do a shoddy job, or use substandard materials.

Agree on time frames

Hire contractors with a history of delivering on time. You do not want to have construction work going on for too long. This will inconvenience you, and interfere with your daily routine. Furthermore, you will be granting access to your home to strangers. However, avoid a pergola builder who gives unrealistic time frames. They may end up rushing the job and deliver a poor structure.

Have a range of options

A good pergola builder should have a large repertoire of skills and experience to execute different designs. This is the mark of expert contractors. Avoid builders with a narrow choice of options. This not only limits your choices, but indicates inexperience or a poorly trained crew.

Finally, do not hire any pergola builder you feel uncomfortable speaking to. Select one who pays attention to your needs, and is comfortable accommodating your ideas. He should also be willing to keep you informed on progress. Above all, the whole crew should be friendly and helpful at all times.

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