5 Ways to Enjoy a PergolaOur backyards can be beautiful and there is no better way to enjoy that beautiful yard than with a comfortable place to relax while viewing the landscape. Comfort is important as well as style to compliment the scenery and what better place to have somewhere to relax than under an attractive, professionally-built pergola.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a structure added to the outside of a home that offers partial coverage from the elements while remaining open so one can still admire and enjoy the outdoor setting. There are many types of pergolas and many ways in which having one can enhance their outdoor enjoyment. The following are five of many ways a pergola can help you enjoy your outside living space:

1. Dining and Entertainment: When the weather is right and the company is good, a well-cooked meal outdoors adds a sense of warmth and togetherness that seems different than even the nicest indoor setting. You may include torches, a fireplace, or other things added to this space that will allow the enhancement of social gatherings. Perhaps even a few good friends and a nice bottle of wine are all that’s needed to create the ultimate outdoor evening.

2. Relaxing: Sometimes it just feels better to curl up with a book or a cup of coffee or tea outside, rather than inside. You can bring home-living and nature together by enjoying your favorite relaxing activities beneath the shelter of a nice pergola.

3. Cooking: There is an ambiance to an outdoor-cooked meal that cannot be achieved on a regular stove top or in an oven. Having a nice grill offers many different flavorful meal options and is fun for the cook when entertaining friends and family. Who wants to be cast off to the indoor kitchen when all the guests are enjoying the outdoors? Having a kitchen area under a pergolas is also very handy for hot days when you don’t want to overheat the indoors by cooking in the kitchen.

4. Extended Living Space: Does it sometimes feel like your home could use another room but you are short on ideas? Maybe you’re just bored with your indoor living space. Adding a pergola will not only expand your home, it will add more appeal to it. You can have the best of the outdoors and the indoors in one setting, merging yard and home to create a kind of living space on another level.

5. Property Value: A professionally-built and well-maintained pergola will add value to your property. Even if you do not intend to sell, it’s nice to know that our homes can increase in value just with simple and elegant add-ons.