pergola11279829Pergolas are the perfect outdoor additions to any home. They are easy to maintain and can withstand the summer heat or harsh, beach-side climates, whether you are in sunny Florida or the Caribbean. If you have a pergola and are planning on sprucing it up a little bit for an outdoor occasion such as brunch or an outdoor cocktail party, here are a few ideas to get you started.

String Lights and Lanterns

Lights can take the look of any space a notch higher, whether you use string lights or colored lanterns. For a fun, festive Hawaiian feel, use colored lights wrapped around the beams for illumination and added ambiance. If you want low key, subdued yet elegant lighting, clear, colorless lighting along with candles and a few white lanterns will give you that soft, intimate feel.

Climbing Plants and Vines Create a Leafy Canopy

Pergolas are perfect for outdoor summer gatherings. A leafy canopy, which you can create by planting creeping vines along the base, will provide the right amount of coolness and shade that will keep you and your guests comfortable, even in hot and humid weather. The flowers that these vines produce in season will also make your pergola look more beautiful and more inviting.

Outdoor Flooring

There are many flooring options for pergolas, and you can find options that are designed especially for outdoor spaces. Opt for Spanish tiles for that Mediterranean feel or a stone floor for durability, no matter what the weather. Flooring can help you define the space, make the entire space more pleasing to the eye, and adds a solid base for your furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

Opt for outdoor furniture that has been treated to withstand rain, heat, dust, extreme sunlight, and the rest of the elements. Furniture must be sturdy and space-conscious so it won’t take up too much of the space in your pergola. You want enough clear space to to able to walk around when the furniture has been added. Wicker or bamboo are very popular for outdoor spaces, but wrought iron and hardwood for chairs and sofa frames are also very functional and attractive.

Additional Furnishings and Decor

You can hang flowy curtains to protect the inner space and the furniture from the rays of the sun when it’s really hot and sunny. Throw pillows, drapery, and blankets can make your outdoor sofa more inviting. Statues and vases displayed on the corners add more depth and interest to the space. A fire pit in one corner or at the center can provide much needed heat for outdoor barbecues during the cooler evenings.

With so many options, you can easily create an outdoor area that matches your sense of style and needs for an outdoor gathering space. Choosing to hire a professional company like My Florida Pergolas to construct your pergola will guarantee a long-lasting structure for you to enjoy. Not only can we create sturdy, professional-quality pergolas, but we can also help give you more pointers on how to decorate your outdoor living space.